Maritime Gardening Podcast Episode 39

039 : Time To Get Planting!

The Wonderful World of Kale Pests

041 : The Wonderful World of Kale Pests

June 17, 2017 Comments (0) General Gardening, Podcast

040 : Defining Your Garden Beds

Maritime Gardening Podcast Episode 40 - Defining Your Garden Beds

In this episode, Greg talks about various ways to define your garden beds.

Vermicompost update
– Lots of worms
– no smell, totaly works in a garage setting
– really not worth the effort IMO, cannot keep up with supply
– would need a wall of them to keep up with houshold kitchen waste
– need a rural solution

Why Defined planting spaces work:

  • Looks nice
  • Keeps you from walking on them
  • Helps to organize crop rotation
  • Some materials can benefit crops

Type of defined planting spaces

Raised beds

  • Don’t need raised beds, and I don’t recommend them
  • 6″ high (including mulch) more than enough
  • Dimension of 8*10 is recommended, no bigger
  • Circles good too, 5 ‘ radius recommended
  • Use rough milled lumber (lasts longer)
  • Cinder blocks can also be used, long lasting, hold heat

Free materials

– slow release of toxic compounds
– ok for short term but long-term look elsewhere

– more trouble than they are worth
– just don’t stay in place
– use them if that’s what you’ve got

– free
– long lasting
– leach minerals
– attractive natural look
– retain water – quasi-mulch
– great place for beneficial organisms to hang out
– hold heat (important if cold soil is a problem)
– no good for gardening in grass

Railroad ties
– totally toxic
– only use them if you want to grow your food in toxic soil

Trees/ Logs (dead or otherwise)
– I prefer dead
– not as heavy
– more nutrients
– easier to work with
– smash into mulch when they are totally rotten

Hay bales
– work great
– hold (and generate heat)
– provide shelter
– not free, but can be relatively inexpensive
– can be re-purposed as mulch

– great idea in principle
– total pain in the ass in reality

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