Maritime Gardening Podcast Episode 014 Saving Seeds Part 1

Saving Seeds (Part 1) – Episode 014

Tomato - Tamaato - Podcast Episode 016 Maritime Gardening

Tomato – Tamaato – Episode 016

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Saving Seeds (Part 2) – Episode 015

Episode 15 - Saving Seeds - Maritime Gardening Podcast

Saving seeds continued…

How To Save Seeds

The right way to save seeds is different for certain kinds of plants, so in order to keep it short, I’ve simply outlined the generalities below.  If you want more information, a good online resource is the “International Seed Saving Institute” website.

When Are They Ready

  • The leaves will turn yellow and start to die
  • The seeds/pods will start to turn yellow/brown
  • The pods will be dry, and the seeds will start to rattle in the pods.
  • The plant will generally start to fall down, wilt, etc.

What Do You Do?

  • Cut the stalk off at the base
  • Find a place that is dry and out of the weather
  • Hang the stalk upside down and let it dry out for a couple weeks
  • When the seeds or seed pods are nice and dry, remove them from the stalk
  • Put the seeds in a container and store them somewhere cool and dry until next year.

Seed saving has been a part of human agriculture for thousands of years, and this ancient practice is no less relevant now than it was before the time of Caesar, Hammurabi or the time of the Pharaohs. If you happen to have planted any heirloom vegetables in your garden this year, leave some to go to seed and try saving some seeds this year, you will not regret it!

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