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December 14, 2016 Comments (2) General Gardening, Video

Video: Fall Garden Bed Preparation with Greg Auton

Fall Garden Bed Preparation with Greg Auton – Maritime Gardening Podcast.  Visit our YouTube channel and subscribe to be notified of our future videos.

2 Responses to Video: Fall Garden Bed Preparation with Greg Auton

  1. Denise says:

    At the end of the growing season, what do you do with all the plants, ie beans, peppers, tomatoes , etc,
    Can I bury them when I’m preparing the bed for the winter.
    The first year along with manure etc, like your video.
    I was thinking I could, but just wanted to know what you do?
    If it would work this first year what do I do with it all the following years?
    Thanks so much…love you videos too.

    • Greg Auton says:

      I either bury it, or throw it on the lawn, run over it with the mower (with leaf bag), then throw it back on top as a winter mulch. Sometimes like with beans, I also just leave it and throw a bag of leaves over the whole thing and it just disappears by the following growing season.

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