Planning Your Garden

032 : Planning Your Garden

Episode 33 - Build Your Own Herb Garden

033 : Build Your Own Herb Garden

April 20, 2017 Comments (4) General Gardening, Video

Video: Easy DIY Hoop House for Your Garden

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4 Responses to Video: Easy DIY Hoop House for Your Garden

  1. John parsons says:

    Dimensions for 1 by 3 strapping frame and dimensions of remesh wire please. I prob missed it!

  2. Chris says:

    Is there another name for remesh? I can’t find something by that name in Ontario. Also, you say the dimensions are 4×8. Isn’t that the same size as your bed? If so, wouldn’t the remesh have to be slightly bigger to create the dome? As you probably guessed, I am not handy.

    • Greg Auton says:

      That’s the only name I know for it – any large building centre would have it out in the yard where the concrete supplies are. Just describe it to the buys at the contractors desk and they should help you out. The sheet is 4×8, but you attach it to a frame that’s about 43″ wide so it will fit in the box – and that all that’s needed to bow it up about 12″ at the peak. hope that helps. Here’s another vid where I make one with a few adjustments – hope it helps:

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