Episode 37 - More Mulch Madness

037 : More Mulch Madness

Maritime Gardening Podcast Episode 39

039 : Time To Get Planting!

May 27, 2017 Comments (0) General Gardening, Podcast

038 : A Free Irrigation System

Episode 38 Maritime Gardening Podcast

This week we revisited the issue of how important mulches are in a permaculture garden, with a focus on how mulches act as “irrigation systems”.

We talked about how employing a mulch copies the successful systems that occur in nature, and how planting at grade (not in a raised bed) also brings the plant closer to where the water tends to go in the soil.

We talked about soil layers: Organic Layer – materials on top that are breaking down (mulch)
Surface Soil / Topsoil Layer – the actual soil that you plant in
Subsoil – harder clay and rock, lots of minerals
Substratum – Very hard and compacted

Water travels more slowly as it goes down through these layers, that’s why you want your plants down where the roots can reach the water.

We talked about types of mulches:

Ramial woodchips
Rotten logs

And we also talked about how much more exercise you get by NOT having raised beds. By having to work on your hands an knees, you are forced to move in ways that you typically would not move, and yes, you get a little sore, but over the long run, it’s good for you body.

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