Episode 42 - The Ruth Stout Method and cut and come again harvesting

042 : Sand Gardens, Rock borders, and the Ruth...

044 : Lacto-fermentation

July 29, 2017 Comments (0) General Gardening, Podcast

043 : Ticks and Lyme Disease – The Growing Epidemic

Ticks and Lyme Disease - The Growing Epidemic

In this weeks episode Greg and Dave talk about Ticks and the growing epidemic of Lyme Disease.  If you spend any amount of time outdoors (yes, even in your garden) here in Atlantic Canada, or even any part of North America or Europe for that matter, be aware of the very real dangers that Ticks present.

Prevention of Tick borne illnesses can be as simple as just checking yourself and your family members every day.

Lloyd Lab – Mount Allison University New Brunswick – From their website: “In many provinces, ticks found on humans can be tested through provincial public health offices. In provinces where that is not available, we will test ticks from humans. There is no charge for this testing and the test results are returned in 2 weeks.”

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