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Podcast Episode 45 - The Green Thumb

045 : The Green Thumb

August 16, 2017 Comments (0) General Gardening, Podcast

044 : Lacto-fermentation

In this episode Greg and Dave discussed lacto-fermentation, a method of preserving vegetables that predates modern pickling techniques that employ the use of vinegar. Lacto-fermentation uses natural lactic-acid bacteria (LAB) and yeasts that are present in the actual vegetables to create an acidic environment that preserves the vegetables, is probiotic, and results in really tasty pickles! Here’s how to do it:

Recipe and directions for 1 quart jar:


1/2 cup fresh dill leaves and seeds heads
3 large garlic cloves
3 bay leaves or grape leaves
2 tbsp coarse pickling salt
2 cups non-chlorinated water
Pickling cucumbers


1) Sterilize jar and lid
2) Cut the ends (both sides) off the cucumbers
3) Place the garlic, dill, and leaves in the bottom of the jar
4) Place as many pickles as you can in the jar, leaving at least an inch of space at the top
5) Add the salt to the water, make sure it is completely dissolved, then pour over the pickles
6) Make sure that the pickles are all completely submerged – use a stone to sink them if they want to float
7) Secure the lid, but make sure gas can escape if there is pressure build-up
8) Leave at room temperature for a maximum of 1 week
9) Refrigerate and enjoy – eat them cold for best flavour – they will keep for months as long as they are cold

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