044 : Lacto-fermentation

Podcast Episode 46 - Fall Crops

046 : Fall Crops

August 26, 2017 Comments (0) General Gardening, Podcast

045 : The Green Thumb

Podcast Episode 45 - The Green Thumb

Is there really such a thing as a “green thumb”? Do gardeners buy into the idea of a “green thumb” to simply pat themselves on the back, or is this something non-gardeners buy into to console themselves?

Having a successful garden depends upon many factors such as; soil quality, growing conditions, pests, plant varieties, proper timing with the season, but perhaps most importantly, your persistence.

With gardening, failure is failure. If you do not yield any tomatoes, that is failure. No lettuce, failure. If everything that you plant does not end up on your plate, that is technically a failure. There is no point in dressing failure up as anything other than what it is, but failure is part of gardening! View failure as information and figure out what your soil/land is telling you. Then plan changes for the next season that should result in improvement (and less failure).


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