Growing Degree Days: A Better Way to Understand your Growing Conditions

049 : Growing Degree Days: A Better Way to...

Episode 51 - You Can't Buy a Garden

051 : You Can’t Buy a Garden

November 4, 2017 Comments (3) General Gardening, Podcast

050 : Odds & Sods

Episode 50 - Odds & Sods - Maritime Gardening Podcast

In this our 50th episode of the podcast, Greg talks about several things to consider this time of year, from easy free sources of mulch that you can find right after Halloween, leaving your root vegetables in the ground until there is some consistent frost, amending your soil, and Dave’s departure from the show.  We even kick things off talking about lawn sods vs. seeding.

3 Responses to 050 : Odds & Sods

  1. Danny says:

    Greg & Dave

    I listen to, and visit a lot of gardening sites but your show & videos are by far my favorite. Continue on with your program as I look forward to every episode of the Maritime Gardening Podcast. I garden in
    Lawrencetown (Beach Area) and can relate to your gardening challenges. Keep up the good work.

    Sorry to see Dave go as he has also added a lot of humor to your show.


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