Episode 51 - You Can't Buy a Garden

051 : You Can’t Buy a Garden

053 : What Kind of Gardener Are You?

December 2, 2017 Comments (5) General Gardening, Podcast

052 : Why Saving Seed Garlic Makes Sense

In this episode I discuss the general theme of the kind of money you can save by growing your own food, and in particular, by saving your own seed garlic, which are one of the more expensive items to buy at garden centers. Using some simple math, I show that over time, the numbers really add up.

5 Responses to 052 : Why Saving Seed Garlic Makes Sense

  1. 3macs1 says:

    Five years is a long time IMO. I went all in last year and bought 20 pounds for $350 this past august kept the largest 100 plus for seed, 50 for use and sold approx 350 @$3.00 so $1050 minus the 350 or $700 profit in less than a year and have another 500 plus planted now for august 2018 which will give me at least $1050
    I grow just music which seems to grow the best for me with the largest bulbs

    • Greg Auton says:

      That’s some pretty good economics there my friend! Music garlic are my biggest and best as well. Thanks for the comment!

  2. 3macs1 says:

    I don’t have a lot of land for a garden and my friend sells the usual tomatoes, cucumbers and beans road side every year so I am trying to find items I can grow different from his and still have a good market and hopefully make a few dollars to cover my gardening costs
    Garlic has been a hit fir sure and I now have to find others
    I experimented this year with winter spinach I planted after the beans were removed Sept 1st and so far that looks like it is going to be another successful project. I am amazed what a bag or organic grown spinach will bring

    • Greg Auton says:

      What variety of spinach did you plant and is it currently under glass?

      • 3macs1 says:

        I tried three prior with no luck so a friend suggested Space. That seems to be doing very well vs the others I have tried
        My friend grows it under 100 foot caterpiller tunnels all year made by structure solutions in Ontario .Me it is just open to the air at this stage but still OK
        Next year for sure I am going to have to place it under some of the cheaper low hoops I think if I want to keep it beyond the middle of december

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