56: Growing Transplants Outdoors

056: Growing Transplants Outdoors

Episode 58 - Some Pests Aren't Pests

058 : Some Pests Aren’t Pests

March 17, 2018 Comments (4) General Gardening, Podcast

057 : It’s OK to Till in Year One

Episode 57 - It's OK to Till in Year One

The “no-till” gardening approach works great, and I practice it in my entire garden. That said, I think there are a good many people, who, in their enthusiasm, take the “no-till” idea to extremes that can result in sub-optimal yields in the first year. In this episode I give my reasons for why I think it’s ok to till or turn over your soil in the first year of a new garden. I’ll also share a new tip for weed free gardening with horse manure.

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4 Responses to 057 : It’s OK to Till in Year One

  1. Shirley says:

    Of all the garden series I have listened to on you tube, you are my favorite!

  2. Brandon says:

    Love the show! I live in Alaska so it’s nice to hear you talk about northern gardening 🙂

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