Episode 57 - It's OK to Till in Year One

057 : It’s OK to Till in Year One

MG059 - New Ideas

059 : New Ideas

March 31, 2018 Comments (2) Podcast

058 : Some Pests Aren’t Pests

Episode 58 - Some Pests Aren't Pests

In this episode I talk about my new sponsor: “Safers Gardening Products” and the coupon code they are offering to all my listeners, a 15% off discount (code = “maritime”) on all Safers and Chemfree brands offered on Woodstreambrands.ca and saferbrand.com (for U.S.A.). I also talk about birds, ants, moles and snakes, and why you should be glad to see them in your garden.

2 Responses to 058 : Some Pests Aren’t Pests

  1. Joakim says:

    Hi Greg! I live in south coastal Norway guess almost like your climate pherhaps a little milder. Just started listening to your podcast after having followed your channel on YouTube since it started. Great stuff! Will be perfect in the car on my way to work. Keep up the good content both on podcast and YouTube!

    • Greg Auton says:

      Thank you Joakim! Always great to get feedback from listeners, and I’m so glad to be with you on your daily drive! I do the same thing with podcasts I listen to 🙂

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