MG059 - New Ideas

059 : New Ideas

Episode 61 : Unfinished Business

061 : Unfinished Business

April 28, 2018 Comments (0) General Gardening, Podcast

060 : Growing Herbs In Cracks, Corners and Edges

MG060 - Growing Herbs In Cracks, Corners and Edges

Whether you’re a “foodie”, a phytotherapist (herbal medicine person), or just hate buying things that you could otherwise grow yourself, growing an herb garden is a desirable goal for many. In this episode, I discuss how to grow herbs without a dedicated herb garden bed. With only a handful of exceptions, they may even be better off jammed into the cracks and corners and edges of your existing garden beds, and with regard to the exceptions, they make ideal candidates for companion gardening. Have a listen as I explore this simple application of permaculture principles and techniques the growing of herbs.

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