MG068 - Chemically Speaking with Dr. Joe Schwarcz

068 : Chemically Speaking with Dr. Joe Schwarcz

MG70 - Your Garden is a Gym

070 : Your Garden is a Gym

September 1, 2018 Comments (6) General Gardening, Podcast

069 : You Don’t Need a Truck to Have a Garden!

Episode 69 - You Don't Need a Truck to Have a Garden!

I sold my pickup truck this past January and I was worried that it might be difficult to maintain my garden without it. Now, at the end of August, I have to say, I don’t miss it at all. You don’t need a truck to maintain a large backyard garden. In this episode I talk about all the ways to get buy without a gas guzzling truck!

6 Responses to 069 : You Don’t Need a Truck to Have a Garden!

  1. Anne says:

    Or you could just bring trash bags and/or storage bins in the back seat if you know you’re going to be driving by a place to pick up seaweed that day and gradually stockpile what you need – that’s what I do, though my garden isn’t as big as yours. I also have a friend who emails me when he mows/bags his grass so that I can go by and pick it up. Be careful when picking up bags of leaves – I got a ton of rocks in a couple of bags I picked up from some place. And I thought all that weight was just wet leaves.

  2. Rev. Frank Cordeiro says:

    Also know if those grass clippings have been sprayed with toxins. You don’t want to add herbicides to your soil. Golf courses are notorious for toxic grass clippings.

    • Greg Auton says:

      Yes I would stay away from golf course clippings for sure 🙂 I get most of my stuff from neighbors, never seems to be an issue, the garden is very healthy.

  3. Kerry says:

    Hi Greg, this was a timely podcast because I had just watched your “Ruth Stout” episode and wondering how I could possible get hay and manure to my house without a truck. Or car, as my spouse is not at happy with even cracker crumbs in his vehicle.
    Also, for years my raised vegetable beds have been as tidy and weed-free as a table-top, because I enjoy weeding better than anything, but they have not been so great at producing food. You had me totally won over to the idea of mulching for next year (if I can find something to put over them, weed seeds be damned), but when I told a friend, she said that mulch uses up a lot of nutrients in the soil while it is breaking down. Obviously you don’t seem to have that problem. Do you have any opinion on her idea?
    I love your videos.

    • Greg Auton says:

      Mulch adds nutrients. The worms and other organisms in the soil eat the decaying plant matter, and poop out their “manure” – and that feeds the soil like nobody’s business! Hoe that helps 🙂 Because the mulch holds in moisture, the soil organisms are happy, and because you are feeding them, they proliferate, and do all your work for you. Get mulching! 🙂

      • Kerry says:

        I think you’re right. I’m going to try as soon as possible. Should I start this Fall or wait til Spring? Thanks for all your great videos, Greg

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