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Maritime Gardening Podcast - Why I Love Growing Sunchokes!

079 : Why I Love Growing Sunchokes!

April 6, 2019 Comments (1) Podcast

078 : Weedless Gardening With Lee Reich

Podcast Episode 78 - Weedless Gardening With Lee Reich

Anyone that’s been following my podcast or YouTube videos knows by now that I don’t till my soil, and as a result, I spend very little time weeding & watering, and no time tilling! In this episode I catch up with former guest Lee Reich and discuss his approach to gardening and his book entitled “Weedless Gardening”. Lee sent me a copy of this book moths ago, and having read it thoroughly, I have to say that it’s one of the better books available on the topic of no-till gardening, and offers both the novice and experienced gardener a comprehensive introduction to the no-till approach.

Download the ‘Planting Dates For Vegetables’ spreadsheet file here (please note, this zip file will need to be extracted. Once you open the file, click “enable editing” and “enable content” to be able to use the table properly. I’ll make a video with more explanation very soon for those with questions about the table ).

If you are interested in Lee’s Book, follow this link:

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One Response to 078 : Weedless Gardening With Lee Reich

  1. Anne Studley says:

    Thanks a lot for the informative interview. When I opened the file, I got a message saying that editing it could harm my computer. What is your suggestion? I’d like to switch those frost dates. Also, you had advised me not to transplant squash, even though I had said that I did successfully the previous year – they were the only ones that survived and thrived, as opposed to the ones I direct seeded that got eaten by slugs or bugs (I want to avoid mass murder of any living beings where possible – my religion). And I start them in bigger pots on my deck – and transplant them just like Lee mentioned. Same exact case with sunflowers.

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