Episode 91 - Talking Phenology with Alyssa Rosemartin

091 : Talking Phenology with Alyssa Rosemartin

Podcast Episode 93 - Sun, Water, Soil & Mulch

093 : Sun, Water, Soil & Mulch

October 12, 2019 Comments (0) Podcast

092 : Talking Wild Edibles with Jamie Simpson

MG92: Talking Wild Edibles with Jamie Simpson

Jamie Simpson is a forester, lawyer, and writer with a passion for exploring our natural world. He is the author of Restoring the Acadian Forest: A Guide to Forest Stewardship for Woodlot Owners in Eastern Canada, and Journeys through Eastern Old-growth Forests, and his latest book is Eating Wild in Eastern Canada. In this episode Jamie gives us some tips on some easy to find edibles that can be found in eastern forests.

Jamie’s books”



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