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093 : Sun, Water, Soil & Mulch

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November 23, 2019 Comments (2) Podcast

094 : 2019 MGP Season Wrap-up with Dave Doggett

Episode 94 of The Maritime Gardening Podcast

Another season of MPG has come to its end, and like last year, I thought I’d bring Dave Doggett, who was my co-host from seasons 1&2, back on the show for some laughs and to tell us about his plans to make lots of new episodes for his podcast (maritimeoutdoorsman.com) in 2020. I also talk about gardening in late fall: what’s still growing in my garden, and what sort of things I’m still doing out there despite the cold weather. Have a listen.

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2 Responses to 094 : 2019 MGP Season Wrap-up with Dave Doggett

  1. DWAYNE BROWN says:

    Awesome conversation. You two had too much fun. I especially liked when you Greg, mentioned hoard…hoard ,hoard leaves and mulch. I received 13 55 gallon bags yesterday. I was so proud. I am now getting messages almost daily for more bagged leaves. Mention to Dave this…”WHAT TIME IS IT?”…..BASS:30,trout:30,striper:30….My line of bumper stickers. Even more than those. Take care. Can’t wait til your next video. Peace You too.

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