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095 : Food Prices are Going Up – So...

097 : Talking Soil with Keith Reid

February 29, 2020 Comments (0) Podcast

096 : Talking Pruning with Stefan Sobkowiak

Episode 96 of Maritime Gardening Podcast

Farmer, permaculturalist, teacher, biologist, designer, author and speaker; Stefan Sobkowiak has presented more than 500 seminars and workshops to a whole range of public audiences. In addition to teaching at McGill University for 8 years, he worked as a biologist and designer in his landscape design practice for 20 years specializing in wildlife habitat designs. For the last 20 years, through Miracle Farms, he’s worked to transform what was a conventional orchard to a permaculture orchard. Having gone through the required transition period, he then grew organically for 5 years. He realized organic was not the answer, and “The Permaculture Orchard” was the result (as documented in the film by the same name).

In this episode of the Maritime Gardening Podcast, Stefan joins us to discuss pruning fruit trees, and answers question from the viewers & listeners.

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