097 : Talking Soil with Keith Reid

Talking Roses with Bob Osborne on The Maritime Gardening Podcast

099 : Talking Roses with Bob Osborne

May 2, 2020 Comments (0) Podcast

098 : Accelerating Your Learning Curve

Episode 98 - Accelerating Your Learning Curve

Gardening is a learning process, but many of us choose to learn the hard way. Instead of devouring all the information that we can find from experienced gardeners BEFORE trying to garden, we do the opposite, and spend years spinning our wheels with trial and error. Eventually we find our way to studying to try to solve problems that we cannot figure out – but imagine how much time could be saved by reading a few good books at the beginning. In this video I talk about this strange inclination that is common among gardeners (myself included) and try to encourage the listener to start studying more now, because it will pay off greatly in the long run!

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