Maritime Gardening Podcast Episode 100

“Speaking Moistly” About Soil with Keith Reid

Gardening Podcast Episode 102 - Talking Ant Myths with Robert Pavlis

102 : Talking Ant Myths with Robert Pavlis

August 15, 2020 Comments (0) General Gardening, Podcast

101 : The 5 Most Common Mistakes that Gardeners Make When Problem Solving

Gardening Mistakes Podcast Episode

A big part of gardening is problem solving. The process begins with identifying a problem, and them coming up with a solution. Sounds easy, but sometimes the problem is hard to pin down, and the solution can be even harder to prescribe. None of this is made any easier by bad advice from others, the flawed way that people tend to assign causal effects, and of course our egos, which are always getting int the way of intellectual growth. In this episode I talk about ways that gardeners tend to get it wrong when solving their horticultural mysteries. I hope this helps you identify the cause of your next “epic fail”. 🙂

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