Gardening Podcast Episode 102 - Talking Ant Myths with Robert Pavlis

102 : Talking Ant Myths with Robert Pavlis

Talking Soil with Keith Reid

104 : Talking Soil Life with Keith Reid

October 3, 2020 Comments (0) Podcast

103 : How to Avoid Wasted Produce in Your Garden

Avoid Wasted Produce in Your Garden

It’s always a shame to see things that you’ve grown go to waste – yet this is an experience of many new gardeners. They plant too much of one thing, and can’t keep up with the production, and can’t give it away fast enough, so it ends up in the compost bin. What a shame! In this podcast I talk about how I’ve learned to avoid that problem by planning out my garden based on what my family likes to eat, on ease to storage and processing, and on the rate that we are able to consume food as it comes out of the garden. Have a listen, and let me know what you think!

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