Episode 115: Talking Organic Matter and Rhizosphere with Robert Pavlis

115 : Talking Organic Matter and Rhizosphere with Robert...

Episode 117: What to Do About Rising Food Prices

117 : What to Do About Rising Food Prices

November 6, 2021 Comments (1) General Gardening, Podcast

116 : Talking Soil Problems with Robert Pavlis

Episode 116 - Talking Soil with Robert Pavlis

It’s November 2021 and for many of us in the Northern Hemisphere this is our last chance to do any work in the garden before the soil starts to freeze. For me – this is the time to work with your soil, and thankfully we have author, teacher, master gardener, man of science and myth-buster Robert Pavlis – fresh off writing his new book: “Soil Science for Gardeners” – to help us improve our understanding of how we can work with nature to build soil health.

Robert’s published books:
Garden Myths, Soil Science for Gardeners and Building Natural Ponds
Blogs: Garden Myths and Garden Fundamentals
Robert’s YouTube Channel: Garden Fundamentals
Robert’s Facebook Groups: Garden Fundamentals and Building Natural Ponds
Owner of Aspen Grove Gardens

Discount for new book (Soil Science for Gardeners):
Newsociety.com Coupon code = Pavlis25

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One Response to 116 : Talking Soil Problems with Robert Pavlis

  1. Gene says:

    I’m enjoying your podcasts; having just recently found you:)
    A comment on your guests’ discussion of raised beds: Might be unfair to dismiss utility of higher planting boxes (raised beds with walls). Bending over only seems easy when you can easily do it; many of us cannot. or, we may be unable to get up from kneeling.
    It would be more useful to point out that its easier to reach into a (maybe waist high or a little lower) high bed when there’s room for your feet UNDER the edge of the bed.
    A table is the better model for accessibility.
    Just a gentle suggestion that a little consideration for our range of abilities would encourage gardeners to enjoy growing something 🙂

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