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137: Talking Gardening with ChatGPT

Talking Compost with Robert Pavlis

139 : Talking Compost with Robert Pavlis

September 2, 2023 Comments (2) Podcast

138 : Talking Mars with Keith Reid

138 : Talking Mars with Keith Reid

In this episode I talk to to soil scientist Keith Reid about the idea of the colonization of Mars, and how we would feed people on such an inhospitable planet. | A Free Audio Podcast For Gardening Enthusiasts

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2 Responses to 138 : Talking Mars with Keith Reid

  1. Erin Lennon says:

    It’s interesting that you ended up talking about nuclear war, because I believe that is what the space race helped to prevent back in the 60’s and 70’s, and could do so again. Considering the trillions spent on building bombs and weapons, the amount of money space exploration costs is negligible by comparison; we would benefit from any amount of money being diverted from war to scienceandexploration. Everyone of us has the ability and the individual responsibility to do something about climate change; we cannot wait for governments to mandate change. We can all plant trees, grow gardens, buy less. The space program is not where money is being wasted; war is.

  2. Jan says:

    Nice episode! You could do more of those, where you left is know your thoughts of live and the world overall!

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